Mediation for Worcester MA is a service provided by legal professionals in which a completely neutral third party helps guide negotiations between two parties in the middle of a dispute. It is commonly used for divorce in Worcester MA. While no legal dispute is an easy process, mediation helps keep things civil, saves money for both parties and saves time in court. Overall, we highly recommend mediation for divorces in Worcester MA whenever possible, because it has quite a few significant benefits over traditional litigation.

Mediation in Worcester MA Provides More Control

If privacy is a concern to you, mediation is a great option. While court proceedings can be publicly accessed unless sealed by a judge, mediation stays between the two parties and the legal team handling the mediation, which is all protected by attorney-client privilege. There are rare cases where parties can agree to publicize the outcome, but we don’t see it very often.

Mediation in Worcester MA Provides Complete Confidentiality

One of the greatest benefits of mediation in Worcester MA is that each party has a chance to voice their opinions and are directly involved in the negotiation process. Because of this, settlements cannot be imposed on either party without their final say, which leaves both parties feeling better about the process and more likely to get what they want out of the negotiation.

You Can Withdraw at Any Time

If you feel as though things aren’t going your way in the negotiation, and you think you might have a better shot in court at getting a better outcome, you have complete control to make that decision at any point. This is quite different from a court that locks you in once negotiations begin.

At Your Convenience

Because you don’t have to deal with the judicial system, mediation in Worcester MA can take as long or as short as you and the other party can agree to. You will each have an opportunity to speak with the mediator in private and together, and then the mediator will present an appropriate settlement to both parties.

Mediation By Attorney Marcia Calcagni Saves Money

Compared to traditional litigation, mediation for Worcester MA divorces can save you a great deal of money. Not only is settling in court more expensive, it can also be quite unpredictable, while many law offices such as ours offer flat rate mediation in Worcester MA.

Peace of Mind

Settling through mediation in Worcester MA is a much less stressful experience overall. In court, tensions can be high and relationships can be easily damaged. This is especially true for family disputes or divorce proceedings. Mediation helps you communicate more effectively and compromise on an outcome that you can both agree on and feel good about.

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