Marcia R. Calcagni is an experienced Worcester MA divorce and mediation lawyer who provides flat-rate services for both divorce and mediation. She serves individuals throughout Worcester county from our office at 490 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. When you need a lawyer for your uncontested or contested divorce case, child custody case, or for modifying an existing court order you need a lawyer that is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. If you would like to discuss the details of your case with Marcia R. Calcagni and learn how she can help represent you or your spouse, please contact our law office.

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Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing for Divorce & Mediation

One of the most common concerns that individuals have when approaching legal services is the associated prices. Because most lawyers charge by the hour, many clients worry that they may be overcharged. On top of that, clients worry that it behooves their attorney to work ineffectually and drag out the process as that would increase their pay. That is why we provide flat-rate services. All of our legal services are at a fixed rate that is determined based on the specific details of your case. You can rest assured that when you work with Marcia R. Calcagni, you are getting quality legal services without being overcharged.

Mediation Services in Worcester MA

More and more couples are using mediation as opposed to traditional litigation for their separation agreements. Sometimes referred to as an “amicable divorce,” mediation is a streamlined process that is cost-effective, less time-consuming, private, and results in better outcomes for all parties. In the mediation process, both members of a couple work with a single mediator to work out the details of their separation agreement. The mediator does not dictate any of the decisions, but acts as a guide. Both parties have shared control of the outcome and find compromises that work for them. Many couples seek mediation as it is a quick process that gives couples more control over their divorce than traditional litigation. For more information on this service, please contact our law office.

Limited Assistance Representation in Worcester MA

Limited Assistance Representation, commonly abbreviated as LAR, refers to a process where divorce attorneys are only present for parts of the litigation process. This system was designed to help couples gain access to more affordable legal services. Marcia R. Calcagni is happy to help with LAR and provide more information on how this process works.

Child Custody, Adoption, and Family Law in Worcester MA

Marcia R. Calcagni also provides many other family law services at a fixed-rate to parents and families in Worcester and the surrounding towns. This includes representing parents through the adoption process. Whether parents are looking to adopt a child together, or a step-parent would like to legally adopt their new step-child, we can help. Additionally we provide representation for child custody cases in Massachusetts. All fathers have rights under the law. The court will decide what is best for the child

Other Legal Services in Worcester MA

Our law office in Worcester provides many other legal services. This includes helping individuals with estate planning, and real estate. For more information on our legal services, please visit our page covering all of the services we offer. All of our services are charged at a flat-rate to ensure that our clients are charged fairly for the legal services.

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Our law office services clients in Worcester and the surrounding towns. If you have questions about any of our legal services, or would like to get started, please contact our office. Please understand that any contact made through our website or via the phone will not establish attorney-client privilege.

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