Choosing to get a divorce is a large decision. Choosing who will represent you can feel like an even larger one. One of the issues many individuals face when figuring out who will represent them is how they will pay for it. Expensive legal fees for litigation services can be prohibitive. In fact, this is one reason many couples choose mediation instead of traditional litigation. But whether you are planning to go through with traditional litigation or mediation, understanding the price is important. At the Law Office of Marcia R. Calcagni in Worcester, we provide flat-fee pricing for both contested/uncontested divorces and for mediation.

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What Is A Flat-Rate Divorce?

The two most common legal pay systems are hourly and flat-rate. The former is more common, especially in civil and family law. It is common for lawyers to charge you per billable hour as they work on your case. This means uncertainty for the client. A lawyer may provide you their hourly rate and an estimate of how long they believe your case will take. But the client could end up on the hook for much more. There are endless stories and complaints from clients that they feel like their lawyer overcharged them for their hours. In contrast, the flat-rate system creates a single quote for all of the services that will be provided. The cost of your legal services will be determined based on the nature and complexity of your case.

Are Flat-Rate Divorces Only For Uncontested Divorces?

One common misunderstanding when it comes to flat-rate divorce pricing is that it is only a viable option for uncontested divorces. This misunderstanding stems from the fact that many individuals think that only “simple & straightforward” divorces can be flat-rate. In fact, many lawyers prefer flat-rate payment systems because it decreases the logistical complexity of tracking hours and is beneficial for their clients. Child custody cases, contested divorces, and mediation can all fit under the umbrella of flat-rate services.

What Determines The Cost Of My Divorce?

No two divorce cases are the same. There are many intricate factors that can influence the final cost of your legal services. Variables including assets, whether or not you and your spouse have children, and factors that affect the complexity of the divorce can impact the flat fee. The best option is to talk with a lawyer and get an opinion from them to understand how much their flat rate services will cost and how they compare to other options.

Is A Flat-Rate Divorce Cheaper?

A flat-fee legal service tends to skew more affordable. One of the core benefits of a flat-rate system is price transparency. Clients know exactly what they will pay and will not be surprised by what their lawyer charges them. Additionally, many clients fear that when lawyers are paid hourly it incentivizes working efficiently. If your lawyer is being paid per hour, it stands to reason that some lawyers may purposefully drag out the process. By working with a flat-fee attorney, you are ensuring that your lawyer will work efficiently and has no incentive to draw out the case. Regardless of how you pay your lawyer, you want to work with a knowledgeable attorney who provides years of experience. However if clients need a more cost-effective option, they should consider Limited Assistance Representation.

What Is LAR (Limited Assistance Representation)?

Limited Assistance Representation refers to the process where a client only works with their lawyer for specific parts of the process. Traditionally when you hire a lawyer to represent you, they will be with you from start to finish. Through LAR, clients can work with lawyers for a shorter period of time. A lawyer may be called on to help with a specific step in the process like working on a separation agreement. This system is designed to help clients who specifically need low-cost legal services.

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