Marcia R. Calcagni is a knowledgeable and compassionate Shrewsbury MA divorce and family lawyer who has been serving Shrewsbury families for many years. Whether it is a child custody case or divorce case it is crucial for you to have a highly experienced lawyer that you can trust and Marcia R. Calcagni is just that. Our office at 490 Shrewsbury Street is Worcester provides services in both divorce and mediation at a flat-rate. If you are a Shrewsbury resident and are looking for a skilled, professional lawyer to represent you or your spouse, contact Marcia R. Calcagni.

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Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing for Divorce & Mediation

Many individuals in need of legal services are concerned with the expense that comes with it. Lawyers often charge by the hour which leaves clients worried that they are being overcharged. At Marcia R. Calcagni, we don’t want our clients to worry about expenses, which is why our services are offered at a flat rate. The details of your case will be used to decide your fixed rate. You can count on us to be positive that you are getting high quality services without being overcharged.

Mediation Services in Shrewsbury MA

Many separating couples are choosing mediation services over traditional litigation. Mediation is not only less time-consuming and more cost effective but it also gives both parties desirable outcomes because both parties have a say throughout the process. Throughout mediation, both parties work with a mediator who guides them through each aspect of their separation agreement. Mediation is a quick process that has a lot of benefits. If you and your partner are interested in mediation over traditional litigation or learning more about the process, contact our law office today.

Limited Assistance Representation in Shrewsbury MA

Marcia R. Calcagni also offers Limited Assistance Representation (LAR). This is a more affordable legal service couples often use throughout the litigation process. With LAR, divorce attorneys are only present for certain or limited parts of litigation. For more information about this process and if it is right for you, contact Marcia R. Calcagni today.

Child Custody, Adoption, and Family Law in Shrewsbury MA

In addition to divorce services, Marcia R. Calcagni provides Shrewsbury families and parents flat-rate family services. These services include but are not limited to representation throughout the adoption process, representation in Massachusetts child custody cases, child support and guardianships. Learn more about our family services we offer.

Other Legal Services in Shrewsbury MA

Marcia R. Calcagni is not limited to the services listed above, our office provides our Shrewsbury clients with many other services such as estate planning and real estate. To learn more about all the legal services we offer, please visit our website.

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If you are in Shrewsbury or any surrounding towns, looking for an experienced, compassionate lawyer you can trust or have any questions about our legal services, please contact our office. Please understand that any contact made through our website or via the phone will not establish attorney-client privilege.